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Conventions create unnecessary tensions, says former PUP Leader

Holding conventions is a natural process employed by political parties before a major election. The People’s United Party is going through that process currently and from what we have seen, some candidates are not happy with how the process is unfolding. According to former PUP Leader, Said Musa, this creates unnecessary tensions within the PUP. He says that if given the decision he would let Arthur Saldivar and Jason Patrick Andrews contest the party’s Belmopan convention.

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister: “I think it’s always a difficult decision for any executive or any party to make in deciding who should represent the party in a given constituency and especially when there are more that one persons offering themselves in that division sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Now whether I agree with the decision of the majority in the executive or not is an entirely separate issue. But yeah it’s a difficult thing but hey both parties do this, both parties in fact every political party wants to win elections that is the main goal of a political party as an instrument, to win Kwame Nkrumah a former leader in Africa, Ghana, once said ‘seek ye first the political kingdom and then you can do many things for the people but first you must win.’”

Reporter: Would you say that this has created disunity within the party? You have people who have been disqualified, you had another case in Corozal I think it was in the rural area the person was not accepted his applications was not accepted and he was endorsed, in Belmopan Arthur Saldivar and Patrick Andrew’s applications were denied those sorts of things?

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister: “I think it does create unnecessary tension when we don’t carry out the big tent policy of the People’s United Party. Speaking for myself but I am only one voice for instance-”

Reporter: A very senior and powerful voice in the PUP.

Said Musa, Former Prime Minister:I would have allowed Arthur Saldivar and Mr.Patrick Andrews to contest that doesn’t mean that I would support either one but they have a right to contest or there are good grounds for disqualifying either one of them.”

PUP Leader, John Briceno indicated yesterday that a press briefing to address the matters will be held next week.