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Cop arraigned for manslaughter

36-year-old, Corporal Kent Martinez appeared yesterday in court before Magistrate Michelle Trapp with his attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, to be arraigned on a charge of  manslaughter by negligence in connection with the death of  Allyson Major Jr.  On July 16, Major was shot to the head while he tried to escape a pursuing police mobile in the downtown area of Belize City.  Major died the following day while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. An investigation into the incident by the Special Investigation Team resulted in Martinez being held accountable. Since the Prosecution did not object to bail, Magistrate Trapp granted it to the accused in the sum of $15,000 plus two sureties of $7,500.00. After today’s court proceeding, Martinez’s attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley spoke to Love news about what transpired in court.
Attorney Richard “Dickie” Bradley : “The Corporal of Police Mr. Kent Martinez was charged for one count of manslaughter by negligence. A charge of that nature is a bailable offense meaning that any person charged with that or a similar offense, there is no law that the persons can’t get bail unless of course. The prosecution raises objections on the grounds that he is a habitually negligent person, if you give him bail he won’t come back to court, he will want to be around threatening the witnesses or whatever it is. That did not arise because the prosecution raised no objection. The Magistrate specifically asked if there will be any objections to bail. There being none the Magistrate granted bail to the Corporal of Police in the sum of  $15,000 with conditions. He is not to leave the country, he is to surrender his passport, he is to report to the Police Station weekly and of course, he is not to interfere with the witnesses. I know Belizeans are going to be absolutely annoyed that the lesser of all the charges has been imposed on the person but that may be as a result of looking at the outcome of the investigation, that there is nothing to show, to bring forward any evidence that Corporal Martinez intentionally wanted to kill a person.”
Martinez is on interdiction until the duration of the case. He will return to court on September 30, when disclosure will be granted.