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Cop Dies in Traffic Accident Up North

The Belize Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own. Police Constable Number 1360 Kieron Carlos died as a result of a road traffic incident this morning in the Orange Walk District. PC Carlos was found dead near the Mameyal Curve on the Phillip Goldson Highway between miles 59 and 60 at around 6:40 am. Also found at the scene was a Red Lifan-250 police motorcycle extensively damaged. Love News confirmed that PC Carlos was heading to Orange Walk from the direction of Corozal when he crashed into a culvert wall. His father Carlos Carlos spoke of the last time he saw his son alive.

Carlos Carlos, Father: “Yesterday my son went and passed here before he went to work. He left this place six thirty in the morning. I spoke to him and told him ‘You know son take care.’ He said ‘Don’t worry dad it’s okay.’ So he went to Corozal because he works at Court, works from 7-5 and usually when he returns he passes by and shouts his mom and his dad but last night I saw seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock game and I didn’t see him come at all. Then his wife texted me three o’clock the morning and said ‘Kio has not returned yet.’ so I waited until this morning. I called my next son who is also a police and told him please call the Commandant at Corozal to find out information if he left Corozal but about fifteen minutes after that he called me and said ‘Dad you know what Mr.Cocom.’ the office from Orange Walk, ‘he said he wants you to go to Mameyal.’ from when I got that message I already knew it was something hard to expect. So my next son took me to the place and when I arrived there I identified the body of my son Keiron Carlos.”

Reporter: Talk to us a little bit about how he was. He was a police officer very young and dynamic to what we understand, tell us a little bit as to how he played the role of a police officer in the community.

Carlos Carlos, Father:  “He will be missed by friends and family because he had a lot of friends you know because he is easy to carry on with people and get along with people, very easy and he took his career as a police officer he took my footsteps because I used to be a police officer too so he said ‘Dad I will take your career’ and he is easy going gets along with people very easy.”

Reporter: How long did he serve ?

Carlos Carlos, Father: “I think he has eleven years right now as a police. He went to Muffles sixth form, well educated and very respectful. Easy going guy. You know coming up he had his little history and that but now that he has wife and kids the man was very responsible.”

Carlos says his son was a dedicated police officer who aspired to climb the ranks of the force. He says he is confident that the investigation will reveal how the incident occurred.

Carlos Carlos, Father: “Actually what the officer said is that they really can’t give good details about it because they just found him this morning. It could be that it’s a genuine accident or it could be that it’s a hit and run so they said that they would investigate first so we’re waiting right now and the post mortem also we’re waiting for it.” 

Reporter:  You said you identified the body, you reached at the scene when he was still lying there, did you see anything out of the ordinary ?

Carlos Carlos, Father:  “Well not really. I saw to holes here in the forehead and I believe it’s the steel because they do construction. The only thing I’m against is that the company who is constructing the road you know usually a culver has high walls, they tore off the walls and moreover it has no kind of signs, no signs and right on the curve. So I think that is a factor.” 

Reporter: Is it something that he used to travel on his motorcycle often to work ? \

Carlos Carlos, Father: “Well not really but he traveled sometimes with cycle you know. He went to work sometimes he’d miss the bus and how he has good relation with his boss in Corozal he would bring the bike because it’s a police bike assigned.”