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Cop Fires in Yard, Almost Hitting Mother and Infant

Sometime around ten o’clock this morning, Love News was called to the home of Kimara Carrillo on New Road in Belize City. Carrillo told us about the terrifying experience she had when the police came running through her home firing a shot which passed inches away from her and her one month old baby girl.

Shooting on New Road 2KIMARA CARRILLO

“This morning my boyfriend was outside and they chased him from the inside to the door and after that he popped a shot on the ground. He was outside talking to one of his friends and when they asked the police what they wanted they said that he was wanted but he had just gotten beat up by them, they told us that he was wanted for a month already. They could have had him because more than three persons beat him up. Last year they had everybody on the ground, my auntie was sitting upstairs crying because that has never happened. I don’t know where he is, I went to his aunt’s house and they said that he was not there. The only thing is that he ran and left his slippers.


Residents in the home say they do not know the whereabouts of the young man, and are not sure if police has apprehended him since even the police on motorcycle were unable to catch him.