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Cop Granted Bail Following Drug Charges

A policeman formerly attached to the Belmopan Precinct was brought before Senior Magistrate Merlene Moody this morning to answer to drug trafficking charges. 33-year-old Rosendo Joel Cantun pleaded not guilty to the charge of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another. Despite the prosecution’s request for remand Senior Magistrate Moody granted bail of fifteen thousand dollars plus a surety of the same amount. Love News spoke with Cantun’s attorney Hurl Hamilton who told Love News that he finds it interesting that charges were not levied against the woman who was also in the vehicle with his client.

Hurl Hamilton , Attorney: “Well Mr.Cantun appeared before the Magistrate in Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court. Today was to formally arraigned him for the charge for possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply. The police is alleging that the quantity of drugs is over thirty kilos. He pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecution extraneously objected to bail however the defence argued for bail and the Magistrate was inclined to grant bail with condition.”

Renee Trujillo, Love News: Are you at liberty to discuss your client’s argument in terms of this charge against him ?

Rosendo Joel Cantun Arrested on drug charges

Hurl Hamilton , Attorney: “Well at this stage no. I don’t know what is the evidence the police is going to gather. If and when that day do come then I would be in a better position to chart the way forward in terms of preparing a dissent but as it is it’s only a charge, it’s only allegation there’s nothing presented to us in terms of moving forward with the trial so we are very young in terms of the case.”

Renee Trujillo, Love News: The police officer Cantun he was also accompanied by a young woman, was she arraigned this morning as well? 

Hurl Hamilton , Attorney: “Well interestingly and I’m happy that you asked that, yes he was in the company of a female strange enough that female was not charged. Why the female was not charged I can’t say I’m not the police but I find it strange that she was not charged and perhaps I’ll leave it at that.”

Renee Trujillo, Love News: And your client is now on interdiction from the department ? 

Hurl Hamilton , Attorney: “Well I haven’t seen an official letter in terms of interdiction I would want to think that he would be placed on interdiction but an official letter coming from the department I have not seen one yet but I would want to think that one is forthcoming.”

Cantun is slated to return to court on March 29. The charge against Cantun arose last Thursday when he, along with 33-year-old Nayeli Alcoser of Caledonia Village, Corozal District were busted with twenty-four parcels of marijuana. Cantun and Alcoser were reportedly traveling in a black Ford Escape SUV when they approached a checkpoint at Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk. A search was conducted on the vehicle which resulted in the uncovering of just over twenty-nine pounds of the drug.