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Cops Called to cut into Hairy Situation at Nazarene High

There was a commotion this morning outside of Nazarene High School in Belize City. Officers were on the scene along with a mobile police unit. At the start of week in Belize City that had so much violence, Love News went to Nazarene and discovered that a truly hairy situation was unfolding at the High School.

Jose Sanchez: “Police officers remove Nazarene high school students and parents from standing in front of the pedestrian path on Princess Margrethe Drive earlier this morning. Jesus Contreras Jr and and Sr did not think the length of hair would cause so much trouble.

Jose Contreras: “They sent him home because his hair cutting is higher. One day before the school open we send him to cut his hair. We pay $15 to cut his hair and now they want to send him back to the barber to spend another $15, additional $15. You could see my sons hair it is very low and they sent back almost one hundred students home today and I don’t think that is fair because we pay money to make sure our kids get it. I understand the school have rules; they gave us a book of rules here but we try to apply; I couldn’t really do it but has some rules that we ok; then it doesn’t give us a picture in the book how they want the hair looking and now they have some people.”

Jose Sanchez: “ They said they want one inch?”

Jesus Contreras: “One inch but check my son haircut.”

Jesus Contreras Jr.: “To be honest I am in fourth form right so this will do a lot to me. I missed a lot of classes just for my hair style.”

Jose Sanchez: “So this has never happened in the four years?”

Jose Contreras Jr.: “Never happened.”

Reporter: “By now you should know the rules though?”

Jose Contreras Jr.: Yes sir I do know the rules and this is a new one.

Jose Sanchez: “According to Andrew Hemmons the Youth pastor and teacher for Nazarene HIgh; rules are rules.

Pastor Andrew Hemmans: “Personally I went to each classroom and I had students with moduled haircuts stand up and we showed them an arrear of what we wanted; a display of the different types of and the level at which their hair should have been cut.”

Jose Sanchez:Did you expect your school to call the Police on you.”

Joseph Moralez Student: “Well yes sir I sort of  expected that.”

Jose Sanchez: “Why did you expect that?”

Joseph Moralez Student: “Because well when kids bring things to school and they find out they usually call the Police so I wouldn’t have known they would have called the Police for this issue as well.

Jose Sanchez: “ So are you going to cut your hair even shorter now to come back to school?”

Joseph Moralez Student:Well it’s for my education so I guess I need to cut it; is best.

Jose Sanchez: ”Some people are saying you know that you knew the rules and oh you are just behaving badly. Do you think that’s a fair assessment of your judgment some people may make of you?”

Joseph Moralez Student: “Well I follow the rules right; if they told me to cut my hair I will cut it but if they want me to go bald then I will not because they just give us a specifics to cut our hair using number 1 or number 2. If my hair was high  and they used number 2 alot of my hair would have dropped off. Like this, this is a number 2 but he said it’s still too high so I can’t go in.”

Pastor Andrew Hemmans:Over the past couple years the school has a student handbook that it has been trying to implement as best as possible and so one of the issues is that there are certain things that are addressed in the student hand book like the students dress code and their attire and so on and so this morning you saw the consequences of not following certain rules that the school has in place. Due process was taken, the students were given a reminder first and then then they were given a warning and a sort of consequence took place this morning.”

Jose Sanchez:Was the Police necessary to remove them?”

Joseph Moralez Student: “The police wasn’t necessary to remove them but at some point in time the students were gathering and so the head of the security for Nazarene High School felt as if though we had to call the Police just to disperse the crowd. There are different institutions I would want to see with harsher disciplinary measures set in place and we and we are just trying to implement certain things that is set in place where Nazarene High School is concerned. Yes we are a christian school and yes we focus on academics as well but we have got to move up the ladder when it comes to discipline.”

Jose Sanchez: “One student has recognized his fallacy and pledges to change his ways.”

Kevaun Grinage Student: “To be honest I was being disobedient  and didn’t want to cut my hair and now I am out of class so that’s it, that’s it so.

Jose Sanchez:  “You admit that you were being irresponsible, your in forth form and you learnt your lesson so what would you do now?

Kevaun Grinage student : “Now I should just obey the rules and cut my hair to the proper level and finish school;  that’s all I will do.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you think that all students, most of them, some of them had in appropriate haircuts because you are being honest?”

Kevaun Grinage Student: “To me no sir all of them were properly, haircut was neat  and everything but they say they want a level one or two and that is just bald to me, that’s just low, really extra low so.

Reporter: “But it’s the rule and you are going to obey now?”

Kevaun Grinage Student: “I have to sir; I have to finish school so I have to obey the rules.

Jose Sanchez: “Here today gone tomorrow.

Jose Sanchez for Love News.