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Cops find 238 Cases of Beer :(

The officers in the police department are very astute when it comes to finding guns, ammunition and parcels of marijuana in abandoned property across the country. But it seems officers in the north are also skilled in locating large supplies of contraband goods. Once such cache was uncovered on Saturday morning during an operation in San Victor Village. The police say amongst the rum and coca cola, the also found 238 cases of beer

ACP Joseph Myvett: “A joint Orange Walk, Corozal Police Operation on Saturday morning in the area of San Victor Village in the Corozal District resulted in the seizure of some 238 cases of beer, 11 cases of soft drink and 10 cases of rum that were found in an abandoned building. No one was found in the area so those items were retrieved and handed over to the Customs Department at the northern border. The Police Department is conducting strategic operations across the north and other parts of the country. I think we are interdicting those involved and there has been a constant interdiction of these types of activities. I believe that almost on a weekly basis there are some seizures and these are usually handed over to customs.”

No one was seen in the area so all items were handed over to the Belize Customs Department in Corozal Town.