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Cops Make Arrest for Odettes Burglary

Odette’s Store in Orange Walk Town was burglarized by a trio who came down through the roof. They stole an assortment of electronic items and also held up the security guard and took his weapon. The manager Eldo Cowo said they knew exactly where to go to take the tape from the VCR. The police have cracked the case. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett says they have made an arrest and will continue to apprehend other suspects.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Police have conducted a search at the home of Martin Mendoza on San Pedro St. Orange Walk Town which resulted in the discovery of two cellular phones and two tablets. He was detained pending investigation. A further search of another home resulted in the discovery of two cellphone and other electronic equipment. These items were found to be the property of Oddettes Store from where the aggrivated burglary was committed on the 2nd  of August. Police has since charged and arrested Martin Mendoza for the crime of irritated burglary and is seeking one other persons in connection with this crime. This is an ongoing investigation and it will definitely result in the detention of more than that one other person who is being sought at this time.

Reporter: Is it the belief of the investigators that most of items have been pawned or sold of already.

ACP Joseph Myvette: We are looking at that possibility.

Reporter: Is that person who is in custody cooperative with police at this time?

ACP Joseph Myvette: Somewhat yes.

Reporter: Has he been fingering in any other robberies or has been known to police?

ACP Joseph Myvette: He is known to police. Yes he is known to police.