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Cops remove several weapons from City Streets in 2 Days

As a reflection of the new found love between the police and the media, Senior Superintendent Bart Jones made himself available this evening at Raccoon Street Police Station to tell us about the firearms the department has confiscated over the last forty eight hours.


Sr. Supt. Bart Jones Police Press Officer: “On Tuesday at about 8 PM members of the Special Patrol Unit were on patrol on Jones Street where they conducted a search on a lot which led to the discovery of a .223 Ruger brand Rifle along with a magazine and 3 .223 live rounds of ammunition. No one was in the area and so that firearm is listed as found property. The second incident would have occurred earlier today where members of the Anti Gang Task Force were on patrol on Diego Street in the Saint Martin’s De Porres area where they observed two persons disposing of what appeared to them to be firearms in an adjacent lot. The persons were stopped and the area where the items were thrown was search where it led to the discovery of two firearms.  One A9 mm Ruger Brand Rifle and the other a 9mm Dewu brand pistol. Two persons have since been detained pending charges. They are Hollerman Oliver Solis 19 years Belizean Fisherman of Diego Street and Dean Anthony Williams 23 years Belizean Security Guard also of Diego Street. They are both detained pending charges of possession of unlicensed firearms. The other incident was at about 10:20 am this morning. Officers discovered a .38 Revolver in an empty lot on Linda Vista Street. This goes to show ladies and gentlemen that we continue in our efforts not only in Belize City but across the country to target firearms, ammunition and as well incidents of drug trafficking. You will see that the focus is as well that while these seizures are in Belize City the focus is not only on Belize City but across the country where as I said our efforts is targeting firearms particularly as we try to stem the incidents of murders across the country.”


Operations by various units of the Belize Police Department continues as part of the Commissioner’s objective of reducing crimes.