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Cops and Shottaz faceoff on Vernon Street and Boulevard

Belize City residents might have heard lots of firecrackers over the weekend and assumed it was gunshots. It was the official celebration of the Chinese New Year. But all that popping sounds in the night were not only of the Belize/Chinese Association but also from a shootout between the cops and some burglars. After ten last night at the corner of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard, burglars attempted to enter Williams’ Supermarket. It was a daring burglary considering that there is a permanent police checkpoint nearby on Vernon Street and a second permanent Checkpoint on the boulevard at its intersection with Vernon Street, commonly known as the Meighan brothers’ checkout. Add the cameras on Vernon Street right at the intersection with Williams Supermarket makes it one of the most brazen acts we’ve heard of since a shooting incident some years ago at the Courthouse.  ASP Alejandro Cowo says despite all the shots fired, no one was injured.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Police had responded to a burglary report just after 10 pm. The building of Williams Supermarket was being burglarized and Police responded to the scene and upon reaching they observed several persons coming out of the building with several items and as a result Police went to apprehend them and that is where the exchange of gunfire began between the suspects and the Police which escalated in other shootings happening within the immediate area. After the scene was processed Police was looking for the person who was suspected to be involved. Yes there are Police booths in those two vincinites however one way or the other they managed to break in to the back of the building and get access to the building through a window to the back of the building where Police found several items that they utilized to get access to the building. Yes there was some items that were recovered, some were stolen. Upon Police arriving and chasing them that is where they dropped some of the items in the immediate area but up to now they have not established all that was stolen from the building. Not only the Mayflower area, there are other areas however the Police took a strong stand last night and we commend those Police officers that were there and who responded in a timely manner and controlled the situation before it got out of hand. We have to understand that the Police has a duty to do and that is what they enforce everyday.”

Several persons were detained last night for questioning following the burglary.