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Cops and Shottaz: Gunplay and Chase on Coney Drive

The news of an officer being injured in a shootout on Coney Drive went viral this afternoon.  Messages flooded our inboxes at the news centre and a news team made their way to the scene.  Love News arrived on the scene shortly after it happened.

Jose Sanchez: “At 2:20 PM Police were patrolling the Philip Goldson Highway and saw two suspicious men on a motorcycle near Renco Batteries. The Police pursued them from the highway to Coney Drive. According to Alejandro Cowo the OC for CIB Belize City the men were well known by the Police and the Officers attempted to stop and search them.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Police were conducting a routine patrol on the Philip Goldson Highway. Whilst passing by Renco Batteries they observed two male persons onboard of a motorcycle. They began to pursue this motorcycle and the persons drove in to the Puma Gas Station near the Coney Drive area. Police chased them from there all around the Coney Drive area.”

Jose Sanchez: “And that is when Coney Drive became a battleground as shots were fired by one of the men on the motorcycle. The rear glass of this Chevy Equinox was shattered in the melee and expended shells were left on the ground. There were pedestrians and drivers that witnessed the incident.”

Witness: “Well all I saw brethren was Police running behind a gun man and shots flying. Gunman shooting like they don’t have any sense and the Police shooting like they don’t have any sense. Police probably got grazed and the gun man probably got shot and they ran up in Transparent BPO and shots were fired in there. Coney Drive was a war zone earlier brethren.”

Jose Sanchez: “ I know you didn’t expect to see this today but did you see anyone get injured or anyone being taken away for medical help?”

Witness: “Well I saw one of the Police being taken away. I believe he got grazed but the gunman I think one was the one in the back of the vehicle and the other one probably gone before the Police got grazed or so.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “The Police finally caught them. One of the male persons was detained. The driver who was on the motorcycle had jumped off the motorcycle and as he turned he starting shooting towards the Police’s direction resulting in one the officers being injured. The officer is presently at the Hospital being attended to in a stable condition at this moment. Police has detained one suspect and are looking for another person.”

Jose Sanchez: “And as a result Police detained one of the men on the motorcycle. The man with sand on his face is known as Clifton Edward Allen and the man on the run from the law has been identified as Ulide Allen who is considered armed and dangerous.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “A vehicle that was in the area had a bullet hole in the back glass.”

Reporter: “But apart from the officer no one else was injured?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “No no one else and they are well known person to Police hence the reason Police started to pursue them and there was no crime committed before just based on Police suspicion.

Jose Sanchez: “During the shootout PC 183 El Ejinio received a gunshot wound to the right upper shoulder and he was admitted to the KHMH in a stable condition. Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Police’s quick response received much praise and thanks via social media this afternoon.