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Cops in the South show love

The Punta Gorda Police Formation had begun an act of kindness by sharing with the community over the December Christmas holiday. However, it was not a one time show of compassion. Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung elaborates on the department’s latest act of benevolence.

Paul Mahung: “ Personnel of Toledo Police Formation made a generous presentation yesterday to a family in Punta Gorda. On behalf of Toledo Police Formation the presentation of a food hamper and baby food was done by WPC Brittney Gamboa of community policing unit.

WPC Brittney Gamboa: On behalf of the Punta Gorda Policing Formation we would like to thank all generous business establishments who contributed towards this worthy cause. I would like to hand over these food hampers to Mrs. Lordena GIllet and her new born baby boy.

Paul Mahung: “Also on behalf of her newborn son and herself recipients of the necessities Lorenda Gillet expressed words of gratitude.

Lorenda Gillet: Thanks to the Punta Gorda Police for the food hamper and gift hamper for the baby I really appreciate it.

Paul Mahung: “The timely gift item included a variety of nutritious food items and other appropriate family and needed baby commodities. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”