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Corazon Creek Technical High School Floods Out

Students at Corazon Creek Technical High School in Toledo District were not in classes today. Principal, Macario Coy spoke to our newsroom today about the rains and subsequent flooding.

Macario Coy, Principal Corozal Creek Technical High School: “Heavy rains over night has resulted in flooding at Conejo Creek Village in the Toledo District. As a result classes at Corazon Creek Technical High School was classes today due to the flooding of the two creeks in the said village. At seven o’clock this morning the water is about three feet above the culverts. Classes at Corazon Creek Technical High School resume as normal as of tomorrow. It is every year, as teachers we encounter these types of situations on the road especially when we have flooding in the month of almost to the month of June this is the time for flooding so we normally encounter these types of flash floods on a yearly basis. It’s a natural diester I mean we can’t stop flash floods, it occurs when nature calls for it but I think that culvert may need a little bit of upliftment from where it is right now but again like I said it’s a natural disaster there’s little that we can do to stop these types of situations from occurring. As a school we always have a plan a and a plan b in the event that – for example today they’re not at school definitely sure when we get back tomorrow the classes that they missed for today we will reteach those sessions.”

The school is located about thirty-two miles outside Punta Gorda Town.