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Cordel Hyde comments on reports of Zenaida Mora running for the PUP

Last week reports surfaced that former UDP Belize City Mayor Zenaida Moya was interested in running in the Mesopotamia Division for the People’s United Party. When we asked Moya about it she said she is not discussing who she is running for, if she is running at this point in time. She also said that she is still interested in politics. Deputy PUP Leader, Cordel Hyde, was asked about it yesterday.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP: “We haven’t won a major election in 15 years, we’ve lost elections, now that we’ve won and now that we’ve won an unlikely victory in Belize City it’s like a goldrush everybody thinks we’re heading for Belmopan. So you can’t stop the herd people are coming from out of the bushes to run.”

Reporter: Even former UDPs.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP: “There you go. All of a sudden we are very popular, it used to be that PUPs wanted to run for UDPs now you have a UDP wanting to run for PUP. Zenaida and I grew up from right across the street from each other, Paul and I grew up a couple blocks from each other we all went to Saint Ignatius, Attorney General went to Saint Ignatius too he was in our class also. This is Belize.”

Reporter: Would you support Miss Moya in her bid for Mesopotamia, or her reported bid?

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP: “That’s not for me to decide. Ultimately you know there is a process you have to go through to run for the party and I don’t know that that has even been initiated. I don’t know for sure whether the lady has interest at all- I’ve heard it from second hand persons so that would be pure speculation on my part.”

Reporter: But do you believe that she should be given the equal opportunity like any PUP member in good standing?

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP: “Well I don’t know her to be a PUP member in good standing. Maybe one day she may become but at this point in time I don’t know her to be so that’s pure speculation. I don’t know her to be a PUP.”

Earlier in the week, PUP Leader John Briceno was asked about the matter but he did not confirm or deny the reports.