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Cordel Hyde Empathizes with Public Officers and Teachers

First Parliamentarian to rise in the House in this morning’s session of the budget debate was Area Representative for Lake Independence, Cordel Hyde.  Hyde who has frequently displayed empathy with the voters and his constituents, started his address by explaining to the public officers and teachers that he understands the current struggle.

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: I insist we didn’t have to be here Madam Speaker, COVID or no COVID they could have planned for future and secure our children and grandchildren. But instead they thought only of themselves and their own children and grandchildren. And when I think of those tens of thousands who lost their jobs last year, people who went to work one morning and was told to go home the afternoon, most of them still unemployed a full year afterwards. I think of fall of many tens of thousands who have had their hours cut and their salaries cut 20, 30, 40 even 50% and I wonder how are they are surviving. I tried to calculate the extent of the deleterious effects that it’s had on our people and our country, and I can’t. All I know is that we cannot in any way continue to add to the harrowing unemployment rate of 29.6% almost five percentage points higher than US experienced in the Great Depression. I also know we cannot allow the Halloween figure called retrenchment to come visit us, not now and not ever. And yet that’s where we are today, April 23 2021. The experts say  if we do nothing there is hell to pay. We are borrowing $30 million a month, a million dollars a day, just the pay  salaries and bills. Our debt to GDP ratio is 132%; the six worst in the world. The Leader of the Opposition says it’s not sixth worst it’s actually eleventh worst; I’m not so sure what difference it makes. There are over 200 countries in the world so go figure. In my quiet times I console myself that as hard as this is it’s only temporary and that this is only  made more horrific and permanent if we do nothing.”