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Cordel Hyde says PUP got it wrong in Port Loyola

Cordel Hyde says the People’s United Party got it wrong in the Port Loyola Division. Gilroy Usher Senior was endorsed instead of facing Belize City Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts in a convention.  Yesterday, Hyde, a deputy leader of the party, told the press that he believes that a convention between the two was the best option.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP: “My position is this, if you can’t win a contested convention you noh deserve fi be the standard bearer. I mean and I just go from my personal experience I had to be my opponent twenty plus years ago two times in two conventions first for chairman of the division then standard bearer even though we won the City Council election back then by over 700 votes and we helped to make the party victorious in the city council election the next two months when there was the convention my opponent said he’s coming back. But once you go through that, once you come out of that you are ready for the general elections, beyond ready and I just feel that in hindsight the party got it wrong in Port Loyola that’s my belief. When you look back you can always say ‘we should have done it this way or we should have done it that way.’ but I think we have to learn from where we went wrong. I think at the end of the day if you are going to allow a challenge in Alberts then you should have allowed a challenge in Port Loyola and a challenge everywhere else. We don’t always get it right but I think we have to learn from our mistakes and hopefully going forward we get it correct.”

The current Area Representative for Port Loyola is Minister Anthony Martinez.