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Cordova Speaks on the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship

Earlier in our newscast we told you of 33-year-old, Gaspari Cordova, a Belizean teacher who is in the United States on the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program.  While he is getting ready to represent Belize at a cultural luncheon on Wednesday, December 02, there are other events and activities that he has been a part of via the fellowship program.  Love News spoke with Cordova on his experience under the program since he got to the US in June, this year.


“Well the Hubert Humphrey Program is a program through the US State Department that brings in mid-career professionals to the United States depending on their area of interest. In my case I came to Penn State University under Higher Education and Administration and I’m also taking classes in Agriculture. So I’ve been involved in several different planning of courses and short courses here at the university along with the Food Science Department and we have also been volunteering with different organizations not only Global Connections but different organizations that help in the community. The program is going very well; I got here in mid-August and it has opened up so many doors and so many opportunities for me to display my country, to let everybody know where Belize and the things that are going on in Belize that are very positive and productive.”

In a few weeks, Cordova, who has a passion in agriculture, will be making a presentation on that topic as it relates to Belize. He told us how that presentation will be made.


“On January 8th I’m scheduled to do an educational agricultural presentation online and I’m going to be talking about agriculture education in Belize itself. We do have a couple groups from Penn State University that usually travel to Belize and it’s very important for other universities because it’s a national webinar that is going to be happening and I believe that it’s very important for us to talk more about agriculture education when it comes to Belize. Gaspari Cordova 2There are schools that I’m basically going to be talking about more and those are the Belize High School of Agriculture and also Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, the Junior College that I used to work at before I moved and came to the United States. I’m scheduled to finish up my Humphrey Program on June 10th 2016.  Justt to further encourage more Belizeans, I’m actually the second Humphrey’s Fellow for Belize and we want to encourage more Belizeans to apply for this opportunity. If you have five years working experience and a Bachelor’s degree you can apply for this scholarship and its a very good opportunity that will open many doors for Belizeans.”

Aside from meeting new people, Cordova has also had encounters with Belizeans in the United States including the Ambassador for Belize to the United States, Pat Andrews, among others.  As Cordova mentioned, he is the second Belizean to be awarded the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship.  The first is Ann Marie Williams whose focus in the fellowship was human trafficking.  Cordova returns home in mid-June 2016.