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Coronation of a king to take place in Belize

A special coronation will take place in Belize this weekend. The leader of the Moskitia Nation, which is located in Nicaragua, will be crowned at St. John’s cathedral.  The Moskitia Indians had a good relationship with Belize to the point of defending Belize against the Majatehas of Mexico. Love News spoke with Pedro Moore Ricardo, the King, who explained that Hector Padilla was the previous leader or Wihta Tara on the Moskitia Nation; however, he betrayed his people.  Thereafter, the indigenous people voted for Ricardo to be leader and king.

Pedro Moore Ricardo – King of Moskitia Nation: “The decelerated restoration of the Moskitia Indigenous Government so after when that came up with the idea, we are government because they done you know decelerated. Nicaragua government; the same Daniel Ortega is one that participates between the 144 states so all those things happened so that’s why we got together once again and called up a next assembly; that is the fifth convention and to that convention it applies the abolishment of Nicaragua constitution law in all of our territory so that document I got it; we published it before we applied. First we send it to Daniel Ortega the first power of Nicaragua. We give all of them and then we spread it out.”

Jonelle Mckenzie: “You are here in Belize for your coronation. Talk to us about why you decided to come to Belize for your coronation?”

Pedro Moore Ricardo – King of Moskitia Nation: “It’s a good question because plenty would say but you already crowned to the Moskista Coast and we can have it at our Anglican Church there and everything but we assembled and took it as something so important that our three kings crowned here in St. Johns Church and that is the history there you know. The Bishop them who crowned them named the year everything and that is something you know so seeing that our people said man we would like that the fourth king after they died for 123 years come back and wake up again and come back to the crown but we want it to be repeat in Belize in St. John’s Church.”

Ricardo said that eighteen kings have ruled over his people; three of which were crowned in Belize. The coronation will take place on Sunday morning at eight thirty at St. John’s Cathedral.