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📣 MAIN TERMS AND Definations to be fully aware:                      📣 “COVID-19” – means the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), which is an infectious disease caused by a virus which, having emerged during 2019, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11th March, 2020;                      📣 “emergency area” – means the area declared to be under a public state of emergency under the Proclamation;                      📣 “essential service” means the offices listed in Schedule I; “essential worker” means an employee of an essential service;                      📣 “social distancing” includes the practice of staying home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another and maintaining a distance of no less than three feet from other persons.                      📣 Need Food Assistance? | ¿Necesita asistencia alimentaria (comida)? – Para Idioma en Español llamar los Numeros : 631-2065 | 636-0423 | 626-4764.                      📣 For English language call: 636-5743 | 627-3634 | 629-8100 |631-9158 | 630-8502 | 607-8053 | 624-8532 | 606-9900 | 631-3359 | 621-4247 | 627-2062 | 607-6178 | 630-1081.                      📣 Please note the numbers for Food Assistance at the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The Ministry asks that you please bear patience if you cannot get through.
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Corozal Communities prepare for the worse

Residents and schools along the New River in the Corozal District are advised to prepare for the arrival of contaminants from the Orange Walk area. The advice came via a press conference held by the Department of the Environment this morning in Orange Walk Town.  While residents are being alerted, the Department of the Environment says the situation will not be as dire as the sea will dilute the pollutants.  Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, Edgar Ek, says the flow of the contaminants is unavoidable but there is no need for panic.

Edgar Ek, Deputy Cheif Environmental Officer, Department of Environment

Edgar Ek, Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, Department of Environment: “We know for sure that it’s approaching Caledonia Village hence yesterday we went and met with the principal of Caledonia  and the chairman of Caledonia to share information as to what is the problem, what to expect and not to panic because that is what we want to avoid, people panicking over something that we know is coming. Of course it’s a huge concern for the department however there is nothing much we can do to stop it from flowing into the Corozal Bay. We are not sure to what extent the damages will be hence we are also doing water quality analysis along with SACD to conduct baseline water quality analysis from Corozal Bay going way down to headwaters; that will give us an indication as to how the water quality stands and then we will be monitoring once all of these reach the bay we will continue to do monitoring to evaluate and then I think we will have to find a strategy on how to deal with the problem.”

According to Ek, they will also be conducting water quality tests as the contaminants travel downstream and aerators will be placed at designated locations, if needed.
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