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Corozal Deputy Mayor Hospitalized after accident

A freak accident leaves Corozal Deputy Mayor, Hilberto Clarke, severely injured and hospitalized. Clarke was apparently working inside his tortilla factory when he slipped and tipped over a pot of hot oil, causing severe burns to his body.  PUP Leader, John Briceno, paid him a visit today at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and updated us on his condition.

Hon. John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “He had an unfortunate accident. On Friday, he has a tortilla chip business and he was frying chips and it seems, when I spoke with the family, when he was in there he did not see that some oil spilled on the ground and then he slipped and when he was falling down his hand knocked down the wok that had the hot oil and it fell on his body. I went to visit him this morning, I cannot go into the room because it’s an area that we need t to keep very clean from any kind of contamination but I saw him through the window and I see that they’re working on him. I spoke to the family and they are hopeful that he is going to be fine but only time will tell.”

Clarke is currently being treated and is in a fragile condition.