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Corozal Gets Head Start In 16 Days of Activism

Yesterday we told of the up and coming annual 16 days of activism in Belize that focuses on gender based violence and gender equality.  While the program is not set to start until next Wednesday, La Escuela Secundaria Técnico de Mexico in San Roman Village, Corozal District got an early start today as a discussion forum was held for two hundred of the over seven hundred students enrolled at the institution.  Consuelo Hernandez is the Women Development Officer for the Corozal District.


“Today as part of the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, the Corozal District did a one day forum at Escuela Secundaria Mexico. We began this morning at 8am whereby a total of 200 students were targeted. In the forum we discussed the theme of this year which is “Step up to End Gender Based Violence Now!” In addition to discussing that topic we also discussed dating violence because I think it is very important for teenagers at this time to know what they think dating violence is and also consequences of premature sexual involvement in early relationships.  

Hernandez says that the participation from the students was overwhelming.  Today’s forum is just one of several activities held by the Ministry of Human Development as there is a calendar of events throughout the year.


Today’s workshop was facilitated by Hernandez and the COMPAR Officer for Corozal, Ashanti Armstrong.