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Corozal Man Charged for the Traffic Death of ASP Fernando Neal

Twenty-six-year-old Eyder Sanchez today was arraigned on charges related to the death of ASP Fernando Neal. Sanchez was slapped with eight charges. This includes causing death by careless conduct, manslaughter by negligence, failure to report an accident, drove motor vehicle without due care and attention, failure to keep as close as possible on the right-hand side of the road, negligent harm caused on Didier Clavel, and two counts of failure to stop and render aid. Sanchez was the driver of the white pick-up truck that was involved in the road traffic incident that claimed the life of Neal and left twenty-two-year-old Police Constable Didier Clavel injured. Neal left his home in San Joaquin Village on Saturday night and was en route to Belize City when the incident occurred in Concepcion Village. Today in court, Sanchez was represented by Attorney Norman Rodriguez.

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “There were eight charges: Manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, negligent harm, and the failure to stop and render aid and there are a few more charges the more serious one being the manslaughter by negligence and causing death by careless conduct which would be the more serious charges. However you have to be reminded that there is still a process called the due process that everyone must go through and we don’t really know what happened. The facts is saying that he was driving on at least to a degree on the wrong side of the road but we don’t know what happened. The way the incident ended up the driver of the car was said to be – he swerved to his left, we don’t know what happened. When we get to court all that will be addressed when the evidence is brought forward and when it is tested to see if what they are saying is true.”

Sanchez was offered bail of eight thousand dollars plus two sureties of four thousand dollars which he met. The prosecution objected to bail, arguing that he is a flight risk. In response, Rodriguez pointed out to the court that there is no evidence to support that claim.

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “Is saying that the young man ran away after the accident and he was saying that he did not stop to render aid. He was saying the young man is a flight risk and I am saying to the court that he can’t be a flight risk because he’s a Belizean who owns his own small business in Belize, he has a common law wife with three very young children 4,5 and 7 to feed and on top of that he doesn’t even own a passport he has never applied for a passport and the furthest he has gone beyond Belize is Chetumal. That says to you that someone in that position will not be a flight risk because he has to look after his family and he doesn’t have the main thing that you need to travel outside of Belize, a passport.”

Reporter: Mr.Sanchez will meet bail ? 

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “Yes he will meet bail. That was already made ready. He can sign because his bail is $8,000 plus two sureties of $4,000 and anything under $5,000 as everybody would know that you can sign providing you have a job letter or some business registered in your name or if you have the amount of money to put up. But the bail that was granted is a bail that he can meet and he will meet it in a few minutes he will be out of here.”

Sanchez is due back in court in September.