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Corozal Man Fatally Shot a Stone’s Throw Away from his Home

One man has been charged for the fatal shooting of 28-year-old Aldo Cowo. The man charged is thirty-two-year-old Abel Cowo, a resident of Xaibe (shy-bae) Village, Corozal. Aldo was shot to death in the Baeza’s Layout of Corozal Town over the weekend. According to the victim’s mother, Aldo had gone over to the neighbour after they had experienced issues with the supply of electricity. The two homes were sharing electricity and when he went next door to remedy the situation, a gunshot was heard moments later. Police Press officer ASP Fitzroy Yearwood shared what police investigations have revealed so far.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, PR, Belie Police Department: “Aldo Leodan Cowo, 28 years, was seated with his mother and a five year old child they were in a conversation when a lone gunman came out of some bushes behind their house fired a single shot behind Aldo Cowo that caught him in the head. Cowo apparently died on the spot. He was transported to the Corozal Hospital, the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead and now awaits a post mortem. This person was described to the police to a certain extent. We’re hoping that based on that description police will be able to detain the culprit behind this one, the orchestrator of this crime. Hopefully we would be able to bring some closure to that family.”

Reporter: Let’s talk motive in that shooting.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, PR, Belie Police Department: “One, he was just in a casual conversation with his mother. The person didn’t say a word; him because clearly he was the intended target and we understand that it was from a shot gun not a hand gun so clearly it was someone that had some sort of issue with the deceased.”

Cowo’s grief-stricken mother, Ermelinda told Love News what she heard.

Ermelinda Cowo, Mother of Deceased: “Yesterday after midday my husband went to see why the cut off the electricity. I heard my baby crying outside. I went to see with my son because he was lying down on the sofa then he went outside after me. My baby was crying there, he asked her why she was crying. He asked her twice and then I heard one shot his eyes closed and he fell to the ground. The man kept watching me and it was seconds after that the man was there I grabbed him because I thought he was going to shoot me. He got frightened and I told him that he killed my son. He just kept watching me and then he left. My son died immediately.”