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Corozal Man Found in front of his Yard with his Neck Slit

Meanwhile, a Corozal man was killed on Thursday night. Angel Chimal was found dead at his home in a pool of blood. His family has no idea why anyone would want him dead. Hipolito Novelo today sought answers.

Angel Chimal, a locksmith of Corozal Town was killed in him home in the Finca Solana area. His body was found on Thursday night. The body was facing up and had a large open wound. His father in law Santiago Zetina was one of the first persons on the scene.   

Santiago Zetina, Father-in-Law: “There was a lot of blood. The blood trails shows that he came out of the house and went over there and returned – that’s where we lost him- looks like maybe they stabbed him and left him there- he came out from the back door, went around the corner of the house but it was around the corner that he fell.” 

Chimal’s family doesn’t know why anyone would want to Chimal dead. 

Santiago Zetina, Father-in-Law: “Up to now that he is dead, he didn’t have any problem with anybody. He hasn’t fought with anybody as far as I know. The only thing is that he liked to take his drinks. He buys his drinks and goes home and drink.” 

Chimal’s neighbor, Daniel Tun, says he didn’t hear any commotion. Like everybody else he heard of the murder after the fact. Tun says Chimal was a peaceful man.

Daniel Tun, Neighbor: ” I realized what happened at around 7 when police arrived. The police informed me when they came to ask me if I had heard anything. That’s when I got to know that my neighbor was killed. That was a peaceful  man. He got along with everyone. Everyone in Corozal know him, even in Orange Walk- he was peaceful. He didn’t curse anyone or anything.”