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Corozal Man Stabbed to Death Over Incident in Prison

Police in Corozal are investigating the death of 20-year-old Ismael Matura. He was stabbed several times on Saturday night after a heated argument turned violent. His mother told Love News what she believes happened. Senior Reporter Hipolito Novelo tells us more.

29-year-old Ismael “Papus” Matura was recently released from the Belize Central Prison. 

Caroline Matura, Mother of Deceased: “He just came out of jail Friday night for a crack pipe because he does smoke drugs and he’s a mental patient also. He is a mental patient. So Friday night he came out of jail, he reached here at my house like 7:30.”

His mother Caroline says the following night, on Saturday, he found company with other men and was socializing with them after curfew hours here at the corner of Snapper Street in the skeleton town area of Corozal Town. 

Caroline Matura, Mother of Deceased:Saturday night he was going out there and I told him not to go because I have food home, I have lots of food here. He said ‘Ma I’m going for a cigarette you know I can’t go to sleep without a cigarette.’. I told him ‘Papus It’s already curfew hours you don’t need to go out there.”

But Papus left the safety of his home to his death. 

Caroline Matura, Mother of Deceased: “So he went and I came in my bed and when I heard the sad news. When I went out there I saw the the Sarge and I said Sarge please tell me that my son isn’t dead. He said ‘Sorry Ms.Matura I can’t tell you that because he’s dead.”

Matura was stabbed several times following a heated argument. That argument was about a past incident that happened in Tango Six behind the walls of the Belize Central Prison. 

Caroline Matura, Mother of Deceased: “The neighbors they said that he walked from Ms.Matu’s yard a little ahead to about two lots but he fell right there. He fell right there but as far as I understand it’s like four of them were on top of him. I’m not sure because I wasn’t there. Ismael asked Ian if he’s ever been to Tango 6. Ian said to Ismael ‘Tango six is for crazy people so I’m not going there because me dah no crazy man.’ So Ismael said ‘So you dah bad man ? You dah noh crazy man like me ?’ So I an told him ‘I’m not going to any Tango 6, I go to max.’ or I don’t know what, it was an argument about jail cells. And then they said Bolo came and shoved Ian into Ismael and told them ‘why don’t you just fight and set off the fight?’ they say because I wasn’t there that is how everyone came to my house and told me. I was not there. But everyone that comes to my house that was out there that is the information that they have give me that Bolo shoved Ian into Ismael to start the fight and that is how the fight started because Ian was drunk.”

According to Matura’s mother, Caroline, he was a victim of constant abuse from men of Skeleton Town. 

Caroline Matura, Mother of Deceased: “He doesn’t mess with anybody, he doesn’t beat anybody  and everybody back here take him for a a – I told him ‘Boy why is everyone back here slapping you and beating you and thinking that they are your mom and they are your dad? ‘ He said ‘I am their piñata.’ well I want them to know that the piñata bust and the sweets done. Anything back here you can get it any hour of the night this is a 24/7 base place where you can get anything you want. If you want someone to die right now you can come back here, pick up a man and whosoever you want dead will get dead. That is skeleton town where I life, I’m so sad I have to live here.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo. 

Police Press officer ASP Fitzroy Yearwood confirmed information shared by Caroline Matura related to her son’s fatal stabbing. Corozal Police say they have the man responsible for Ismael Matura’s murder in custody.

ASP. FItzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “Initial investigation so far is that he was socializing with three other male persons one of whom he had spent time with at the Kolbe Foundation, I believe it was at Tango 6 building, where an argument ensued between Matura and one of the guys in that group. The person that inflicted the wounds to him was encouraged by his colleagues to assault Matura. So we have detained three of them so far and we are in the process of recording statements and hopefully by the end of today we can provide charge or charges on at least one of these individuals that we believe is responsible for taking Matura’s life. All I can say so far is that it’s an incident that happened between Matura and the person in question while they were incarcerated at Kolby. The extent of that incident I cannot explain as yet but as soon as I do I will let you know. When Matura was stabbed he managed to walk about thirty feet from where he got injured and collapsed near a dirt drum. The neighbors in that neighborhood if you notice that neighborhood the houses are very close together called for police assistance and thanks to their help we managed to detain all parties that we believe were involved in this fight. I know that what we have gathered also is that Matura was recently released from prison and was probably out during curfew time with his friends socializing, I believe this area is somewhere that they frequent a lot and I do not know if any of them actually reside there because Matura’s address was just given as Corozal Town, no specific street or number.”