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Corozal Man Wins Ten Thousand Dollars on Scratch Ticket

 Thirty-five seems to be the lucky number for this Corozal man who won the ten-thousand dollars Scratch and Win prize. Thirty-five-year-old Osvaldo purchased his winning ticket on a whim on Sunday afternoon when he felt like taking an impromptu five-minute break from work to purchase something to drink. He recalls that when he arrived at the store, the owner was already closing but being that they were close neighbours, the owner ran inside to grab him a beverage. Osvaldo says he told him to get a scratch ticket for him as well. And, that ticket was number thirty-five.

Osvaldo, Scratch and Win $10,000 Winner:  “He opened the store and I told him ‘On your way bring me a dollar scratch.’ and so I opened the beer and started scratching. I saw the 29 and then the other 29 and then I thought it was maybe $1 or $2 so I left it for last and I started scratching and saw nothing. I started scratching from back to front so it was a zero probably ten dollars then another zero, then another zero when I scratched the last what $10,000 I couldn’t believe it but yeah and I actually went and hugged the Chiney and jumped.”

 Osvaldo says he has been buying scratch since it was introduced to the public in 2019 by Lucky Dalla Limited, buying up to 2 tickets per day. Contrary to what one might think, he won’t be using his winnings to fund a luxurious vacation. He says he will invest in his small business and buy his children’s school supplies for the upcoming school year.

Osvaldo, Scratch and Win $10,000 Winner: “I run a little business in town so you know invest in the business and obviously my family. I have two kids, my wife and well they’re studying.”

Reporter: What did you family say when you told them you won this ? 

Osvaldo, Scratch and Win $10,000 Winner: “My wife called me and she had bad news for me because we didn’t win the lottery and we actually almost hit the lottery too and I said ‘Ah we didn’t do it.’ and I was trying to act but I was emotional at the time and then I said ‘I have better news. I won the scratch.’ What $10 ? I said no. ‘Hundred dollars’ No. ‘Two hundred ?’ No. ‘Five thousand ?’ No, she said ‘What ? More ?’ she said ‘Twenty thousand ?’ No less and yeah ten thousand.”