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Corozal Police Detains Duo After Finding Weed Plantation, Shotgun and Ammunition

Corozal Police have detained two men pending drug charges. Police say on Wednesday evening they were conducting an anti-drug operation in the Santa Rita area about four and a half miles south east of Caledonia Village when they came across a marijuana field approximately 30 feet by 30 feet containing 2,500 marijuana plants ranging from six inches to four feet in height. A search of the immediate area also led to the discovery of a 20 gauge single action shot gun which was loaded with a live 20 gauge cartridge and a 16 gauge single action shot gun loaded with a 16 gauge cartridge. Further search of the hut in the area led to the discovery of 8 live 20 gauge cartridges. Police detained two men from Progresso Village pending charges. The marijuana plants were uprooted and destroyed by fire.