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Corozal Polyclinic Assistant Manager Arrested

Another developing story coming out of the north is the case of missing money at the Corozal Polyclinic.  Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed to Love News that the person employed as Assistant Manager at the medical facility was arrested and the FIU is also collaborating on this case as there may be elements of money laundering.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “On Wednesday I received a letter of complaint from the Minister of Health the Honorable Michel Chebat. Along with the letter of complaint were a number of accounting documents. The complaint was that one Adan Orosco who was the assistant manager of the Corozal Poly Clinic was involved in the theft of some money over a period of time. What he actually did based on the documents we saw was that he was paying himself extra money every month. This commenced from May of 2019 and the last payment was made in October of 2020. During the period the total amount of money paid to himself unduly is $65,000 and so I assigned the investigation to a senior investigator who is in Corozal Town currently investigating the matter. I know that yesterday they had detained Mr.Orosco and we are expecting to lay charges against him either today or tomorrow. We have also solicited the help of FIU to be a part of the investigation because again you would know that money laundering is where a person obtains money or other valuables through the commission of a crime and so there is some elements there of money laundering and so FIU is involved and we’re hoping that we should be able to lay charges against Orosco  very soon.”

Reporter: As a follow up is he the only one you are all looking at in this specific –

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “From the investigation at this time yes.”