Corozal Residents Relieved as Hurricane Beryl Brings Minimal Rainfall

Corozal Residents Relieved as Hurricane Beryl Brings Minimal Rainfall

Residents of Corozal Town were relieved this morning to discover their streets and yards were not filled with flood water. Corozal was forecast to be the district most impacted, but its villages and town received only an inch of rain last night. The hurricane had little impact on Corozal despite its saturated soil levels from heavy rainfall last weekend. The hurricane’s outer bands also had little effect on the community and its residents who spent days bracing for impact. This morning, Corozal Mayor Rigo Vellos spoke about the good news and the lessons learned from the experience.

Rigoberto Vellos, Corozal Mayor: “I’m very thankful to God that it’s all over without any danger or anything that could have gone wrong. If the rain does continue we can still get some flooding. We are prepared for it. We did make sure that we do whatever we needed to do to fight against the flooding. Our drains are working. Regardless, even if the system did not come we will stay prepared for any type of flooding. What the rain did last weekend was actually prepared us and it allowed us to see wherever we needed to improve. And based on that, we made sure that we went out and we did our works to be prepared for the storm. What happens today is, well when it comes to the town council, the office is still closed. But workers will go back to prepare for Monday. Now, we did a little shuffling within the office with our things, with our valuable things. So we need to go back and set them in place and be ready for Monday. What I can say is that the work continues for us on Monday especially when it comes to dealing with our drainage system. You know, being prepared it’s the most important thing for us. We know that it’s only the beginning of the hurricane season and maintenance on the drain has to continue. We need to improve with our drainage system. So we will look into all those things and make sure that we put it into place and we be prepared just in case we have more rains or any storm coming along.”

While the hurricane’s impacts weren’t felt much last night, NEMO continues to monitor whether flooding caused in Mexico will impact northern Belize. Northern Regional Coordinator Jose Carballo spoke about the efforts this morning.

Jose Carballo, NEMO Regional Coordinator: “We monitor the flood forecast issued by the Hydrology Department and we are aware that as you mentioned the Rio Hondo as some flood prone areas so we do monitor those areas. At the moment they are a bit high but not as high that can affect the population but yes it’s something that we do and also in the New River area we have Carmelita, we have Guinea Grass that we monitor so yes while this specific issue with Beryl is behind us we still need to look at possible rains coming in and any other even tropical wave whatever brings water because as you know last week Saturday even here in Corozal some areas that never used to get flooded we got about three hours of rain and then we had about six, seven villages that were flooded. So yes it’s sometime that we keep constant vigilance. We do monitor information coming from the National MET Service who is our partner at the Ministry so we do keep this Beryl issues you may be aware the media the outreach that the ministry had in terms of press briefings in the mornings and in the afternoons and it’s something that we’re trying to do to ensure that the media and hence the nation gets the information out quickly to the people and it’s official information that they’re getting it’s not hearsay so I think the press briefings were a good issue and we hope to continue making better on that.” 

We’ll keep a close eye on the situation this weekend.

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