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Corozal Sees Upgrades to Market and Streets

The Belize Social Investment Fund and the Corozal Town Council officially inaugurated an annex to the Town Market as well as some refurbished streets in that municipality.  The official ceremony took place earlier today.  The market facility measures about two hundred and twenty square metres with fifteen market stalls, making the facility more spacious and pleasant with the objective of creating opportunities for vendors to foster and enhance their livelihoods and to serve as a central meeting point for the residents.  The addition to the market is valued at just under two hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars.  Meanwhile the streets that have been paved are First Street South and Sixth Avenue with the drivers, shoppers and pedestrians in mind.  The completion of these two streets now complements the infrastructural street project of First Street North thus significantly contributing to a better traffic flow.  The street works were done at just over three hundred and ninety thousand five hundred and forty three dollars.  The funding for both projects was sourced through a loan from the World Bank under the Belize Municipal Development Project (BMDP) with counterpart funding of three percent by the Corozal Town Council.