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Corozal Town Council Swears in a Traffic Advisory Committee

Today the Corozal Town Council Traffic Advisory Committee was sworn-in. The committee is expected to work hand-in-hand with the council’s department. The aim is to enhance collaboration between both entities in order to sever the Corozal Community. Corozal Town Mayor Rigoberto Vellos says the council’s interest is to have the community informed and involved.

Rigoberto Vellos, Mayor, Corozal Town: “As we all know having committees makes life easier by helping us making decisions that will positively affect the community. Traffic is a very important part of our system in our country and everywhere you go and hence the reason why we decided to put a traffic committee which it consists of members of the community and I am sure that we will work hand in hand together and we will support one another and like I said my interest is to work on behalf of my community. The main purpose of the committee is to help guide the traffic department in whatever decisions we have to make that can affect the community, that’s basically it. We don’t want to be a town council that we don’t include community. We have always said that we want to work together with the community and to do that we have ot make them a part of the decision making here at the town council when it comes to the traffic department.”

Chairman of the Committee is the CEO in the Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics, Marconi Leal Junior.