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Corozal Woman Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

A woman lost her life last night but how remains the question. Reports to our newsroom are conflicting as sources are saying she was pushed from a vehicle she was traveling in while others are saying she was killed then dumped some seventeen feet off the Philip Goldson Highway. Police are investigating the circumstances as explained by Assistant Superintendent of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “Investigators have been on that scene gathering statements and we’ll leave it as that for now because there were only two people travelling in that vehicle at that time and one cannot answer for herself so we will allow the investigators time to gather evidence and see what will take place at the end of the investigation.”

According to one source, the Santa Clara villager, 33-year-old, Constancia Griceldi Cano was traveling in the passenger seat of a Dodge Pickup truck and upon reaching an area between miles 73 and 74 she fell out of the truck resulting in fatal injuries. According to one family member, Cano was dating a man for no more than three months and they were reportedly embroiled in a domestic dispute over twenty-five dollars. The mother, Carlotta Cano spoke to our correspondent in the north.

Carlotta Cano, Mother: “Well the same thing that you are telling me right now. The man that was with her says she jumped from the car. She was happy when she left here with the man, the man took her. They just got together a few months ago. The man was here yesterday. She had a bit of problems with the man. She told me that she needed twenty five dollars, she was borrowing it from her little sister. From what her son says the man had a quarrel with her because he wanted money. She did not get the money. She came and asked me if I can lend her the money to give the man to buy diesel. I told her that I don’t have, that I only have ten dollars. I gave her the ten dollars.”

Love News understands that the incident happened after six yesterday evening but the partner did not make a report to the Police until after nine o’clock last night.