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Corozal Woman Reported Missing

A woman from the Corozal District is reported missing. Forty-four year old Michelle Kim Martinez was last seen by her husband, James Locke on Saturday morning. She left home to attend funeral services in the village of Libertad. According to Locke, Martinez suffers from mental issues and has disappeared before but not for so many days. Locke is asking the public assistance in locating Martinez.

James Locke, Husband of Michelle Martinez

James Locke, Husband of Michelle Martinez: “I came back home, my wife was not home but I know she is a person she does not go out and take long or take too long to come back home. So I waited a little while and I saw that she did not come home so I said she only usually goes to her family like her sister, my sister and her family members and she doesn’t have any family members here in Corozal the only family members she has is my family. So she goes to Betty’s house which is my sister or she goes to my other sister.”

Reporter: Describe how she was dressed, was she riding a bicycle ?

James Locke, Husband of Michelle Martinez:  “Yes. She was riding a grey bicycle and she was wearing a black and grayish dress and she liked to put on black leggings. On that day when I left I don’t know if she changed her clothes after I left but she was wearing a black and grayish dress that is what she was wearing that morning. She’s a mental patient, she had a nervous breakdown every now and again like every year or year and a half or so she would have that little break down but she always passes it. She usually takes like five weeks the most and she always passes that mental break down because I’m living with her for four years so I have the experience with her many different times.”

Reporter: Has this happened before ? Has she left the house in the past ?

James Locke, Husband of Michelle Martinez:  “Yes.”

Reporter: Has she done this in the past ?

James Locke, Husband of Michelle Martinez:  “Yes sir but I always find her when she goes out so I always find her quick.”

If you have any information that can lead the family or police to Martinez’s whereabouts, you are asked to call cell phone numbers 653-6599 or 606-0090.