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Corozal’s First Murder for 2016

The first murder in the Corozal District for the New Year was recorded this morning.  Love News got the details from second in command, Corozal Police, Inspector Peter Serrano.


“Sometime about 8:30 am today information was received of gunshots fired from the Skeleton area of Corozal Town. As a result police visited the area an on arrival on the scene we were told that a male person was shot and transported to the Corozal hospital. A team then immediately proceeded to the hospital and on arrival the lifeless body of the said male person was seen with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the left and right side of his face and on his left palm. We later learned the person’s name to be (Paul Massam). Initial investigation so far revealed that Paul Massam was at his house when he was approached by a lone gunman who fired three shots at him fatally wounding him. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The scene was processed by CSI. We are currently looking for three persons who can assist us. This matter is presently being investigated.”


“Is this person someone you are familiar with or not?”


“Yes, we are familiar with him, as a matter of fact for the year and change that I have been working in Corozal, Paul Massam visited the station quite a number of times. I can also say that Paul was trying to change his life. We do not know what the motive might have been but like I said we are looking for three persons who we believe could assist us in this investigation.”