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Corporal of Police under investigation for shooting incident

Police Corporal Luis Matute of Camalote Village is being investigated after he shot a man twice on Monday evening. Corporal Matute has reported that it was in self-defense, since the man was armed with a machete and was advancing towards him. An official police report states that the story goes as follows: Corporal Matute was in his yard around 6:30 on Monday evening when 44-year-old Truman Parham approached him with a machete in hand. Parham was reportedly looking for Matute who he described as the “bad man”. The officer told Parham to put down the machete but he continued to advance towards him. Matute reportedly fired a warning shot in the air but Parham was not deterred. Fearing for his safety and that of his family members who were at home at the time, Matute says he fired two shots in Parham’s direction and injured him in his shoulder and body. Parham reportedly fled into a nearby pasture. Roaring Creek Police initiated a search but could not locate him. Parham was later taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he is listed in stable condition and is now under police guard. Police say that the incident appears to be related to a previous dispute that happened on Sunday June 24, which led to the detention of two persons. Parham is believed to be related to one of the two detainees. The police department has launched an internal investigation into the incident.