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Costa Rica Seeks Investment Opportunities in Belize

A Costa Rican company is looking for investments in Belize. This morning Procomer Costa Rica exports, along with the Embassy of Costa Rica held a breakfast at the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina to discuss investment opportunities for Costa Rica in Belize. Director of Trade Promotion Office Itzamn Huelat spoke with Love News about their interest in Belize.

Itzamn Huelat

“Our three main objectives were first to meet with a few of the companies that may be interested in doing business in Costa Rica such as importers and distributors so since I came from the airport the ambassador of Costa Rica has taken me to different companies to be able to get to know them, get to know your country. We also looked at huge quantity of tourism that happens here so that market we are also interested in. There are a lot of companies in Costa Rica such as the food service per se and so all of those companies do need food in different kinds of packaging so there are companies in Costa Rica that I believe will have some opportunity here in Belize because I believe that you also have relations with CARICOM and the Commonwealth and so there are a lot of businessmen that may want to have some product entering into Belize and exporting into other CARICOM countries so that may be of our interest also.”

Now there may be some skepticism about what Belize has to gain by opening up the economy to the Latin American and Caribbean Regions, Huelat says investment benefits the whole region.

Itzamn Huelat

“We understand that if we want the Belize Market to open, to have open arms for our product we have to open our market too so we are open and even though our organization is created by law to promote Costa Rican products we understand the need to also have opportunities for exporters from those countries to export to Costa Rica. So we would get involved and we would facilitate the organization of an agenda in Costa Rica. For example we have set up alliances with the Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica, there is also representation of foreign companies which has a lot of importers database so we would work with them so that a Belizean company would go down to Costa Rica and be successful in Costa Rica. We have always had a policy of open trade in Costa Rica and we want to maintain that.”

Essentials Costa Rica and the Embassy of Costa Rica are committed to helping Belizean companies with interest in Costa Rica as an exchange to invest in the Belizean market.