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Could the COVID-19 Surge be the Result of Anti-Vaxxers?

Dr Andre Sosa went on to explain to Love News that the imminent danger in the Covid-19 situation would come from those who are not taking the precautions and who refuse to get vaccinated. As a medical professional, he says that he has several concerns from friends and patients. He shared some of those concerns with us.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Board Chairman, KHMH: “The danger for Belize is from inside. It’s from people who refused to be vaccinated and I know that’s a controversial statement but it is the reality. If you want to help your country, if you want to enable the economy to reopen and for people to get back their livelihoods, if you want to save lives be vaccinated get your vaccine. There’s a wide range of concerns undoubtedly, some of them justified, some of them just bizarre. One of the biggest concerns is the possibility of blood clots and yes that seems to be a possibility but I’ll tell you something remember that from COVID blood cots is one of the things you can get and it is one of the things that can kill people who get COVID. So getting the vaccine certainly you might have a risk of that but the risk is substantially less than if you get COVID. Another concern is of side effects and I tell my friends look some of you think nothing of drinking half a bottle of rum on the weekend you have a terrible hangover , the results of getting the COVID vaccine certainly won’t be anywhere near as drinking a half dozen bottles of beer or half bottle of rum or whatever your favorite beverage might be. I also had a patient who came in and asked me whether he should have this vaccine and his concern was about the fact that he said that the vaccine was developed in a year and I reminded him that the technology that is behind the AstraZeneca Vaccine, like a lot of the vaccines that are out there is technology that has been around for over fifty years. There is nothing in life that is a hundred percent guaranteed, you can step out into the rain and be run over by a bus that is a risk that is out there. You can be hit by lightning that is a risk that is out there. Nothing in life is a hundred percent guaranteed but you must look at the facts; there are millions and millions of people who have been vaccinated and the cases of side effects are very small comparatively.”