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Council of Churches Reiterates Call to Go Back to School

As has been reported the churches have called for the teachers and students to return to the classrooms. That call was reiterated once again by the President of the Belize Council of Churches, Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute.


“I cannot find the word to express my concern. It is a very very unfortunate situation and last week when I was on the morning show I reminded this nation about my own home country in Haiti. One of the things that this nation is suffering for is for these kinds of actions. Even before that last week there were tires burning on our streets, those things happen too in Haiti and some other parts of the world and they bare no fruits; no fruit at all and no positive result. No change in the manner in which they are asking for them. I think it is an unfortunate, unacceptable act and we all should speak out against it. It’s not a good message for our children. We keep our children home while we are setting these examples ? That is unfortunate and unacceptable.”