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Councilor Allan Pollard and the traffic department

A new traffic management committee was recently formed.  Belize Councilor Allan Pollard spoke to us about its members and the areas that are being focused on that are deemed a priority in the city.

Allan Pollard Councilor Responsible for Traffic: It is comprised of myself; we have an Inspector from the Police Department there, we have a Fire Rep. We have a Traffic Manager and then a representative from the Department of Transport. Committee is not limited to anything in terms of traffic but we plan on looking at one way streets, parking, we are looking at the bus, the situation with the city buses. We are looking at taxes and also a new and innovative ways to earn revenue within the city.

Pollard also spoke about some of the issues being experienced at the traffic department in regards to drivers’ licenses and the reasoning behind the setback.

Allan Pollard Councilor Responsible for Traffic: Of all I want to apologize on behalf of the Traffic department and the Belize City council with in convince caused with the renewal of drivers license. We have a problem with the machine. We have ordered a new machine that will take quite some time to get here. I think its supposed to be here in like a week or so but for the most part we are still giving you a receipt which is still valid like a drivers license.

He further clarified that as long as persons have their receipts on them, there should be no issues faced. The physical cards are expected to be available by next week.