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Councilor Dion Leslie donates gardening equipment to Samuel Haynes Institute

This afternoon Belize City Councilor Deon Leslie handed over gardening equipment worth over one thousand dollars to Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence to benefit their Landscaping & Beautification Program. The handing over ceremony occurred on the school grounds. Barbara Elrington, one of the Directors of the Samuel Haynes School of Excellence spoke to the media about the donation.


Barbara Elrington – Director, Samuel Haynes School of Excellence

“This program has been going for some three or four years now and they have successfully planted over a thousand plants which we will make available for the community people to use either to decorate their yards or around their yards and we do offer for the city to do the medians and other areas of the city. So we are very, very grateful for this initiative of Counselor Dion Leslie.”

Councilor Dion Leslie then told the media why he chose to invest in the Samuel Haynes’ Landscaping & Beautification Program.


Dion Leslie – Councilor

“Three years ago when we were first made aware of these projects it was something that the Council, myself, my colleagues all wanted to assist on and so right now we know that we are trying to expand, we are trying to give them more tools. As you heard Ms. Barber say they have trained over fifty five people. We want to expand that and maybe make that a hundred and fifty five people but to be able to do that you need to be able to give them the tools and the resources to do that.”

There are fifteen persons presently enrolled in the Landscaping & Beautification Program at the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence.