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Countdown for Teachers to Obtain Full Teacher’s

The Ministry of Education had requested that all teachers with provisional licenses further their studies and apply for a full teacher’s license; since they would not be allowed for renewal of provisional licenses. A mandatory special permit was introduced for applications which was to last until the end of March. This permit was to be issued if the applicant had a provisional license but showed proof of their continued studies. Love News spoke Chief Education Officer, Dr. Carol Babb.


“In about the middle of February the Minister called a press conference saying that teachers whose licenses will expire by June of 2017, their provisional license, that they have an opportunity to apply for a special permit so he put this special permit into a statutory instrument. It does not mean if your provisional license has expired that you will automatically get the special permit you would have to apply and satisfy certain criteria. We had about four or five criteria, one of them was that if you are enrolled in a training institution and you have completed 70% of the needs of that training program then you can be granted a special permit. If you live in a geographic area like San Vicente and it’s difficult to access training then we give you a special permit of up to three years where we encourage you to get your training so that you can get a full license or if your are at the early childhood level we’d give you a special permit because we do not have a lot of training available for teachers at that level.”

Dr. Babb says that teachers who have not applied for a special permit, should expect their letters at the end of May or early June.


“We have not issued any letters to any teacher at all. What we had done on Friday is issued the information to general managers regarding teachers who have been awarded a special permit. So far only the general managers have that information and we intend to give it to individual teachers so if you apply you will get an individual letter telling you about your status but that will happen at the end of this month or early June.”

Dr. Babb told us about the applications they have received.


“735 teachers applied and we have processed all 735 applications. What we have found out is that about 154 teachers did not need to apply because their licenses are still valid but we also believed that there are a number of teachers who have not applied and their licenses have expired so those teachers really need to get in touch with their general managers and find out about their status because we want teachers to be reminded  that you cannot be hired as a teacher if you don’t have a valid license.”

The deadline for special permits has passed however Dr. Babb says that general managers should contact her if they have late applicants.