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Countdown for the Deputy Seat in UDP

The United Democratic Party will be holding a convention on Sunday to elect the party’s first deputy party leader. The post was left vacant after Orange Walk North area representative and Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, resigned from the post. As has been reported, the two men vying to fill the position, are Minister of National Security John Saldivar and Minister of Education, Patrick Faber. Today we asked Faber about Sunday’s convention.

There have been allegations that the race for Deputy Party Leader has been causing friction within the UDP. Faber commented on that and shared what’s ahead after the convention.

And in the event that Minister of National Security, John Saldivar wins the convention, what will Faber do? The Minister comments:

The United Democratic Party Conventions to elect a Deputy Party Leader is poised to take place this Sunday.  A total of 589 delegates are eligible to participate in the convention.