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The countdown to May 8

May 8 is just one week away, and the Election & Boundaries are fine tuning the process for the ICJ Referendum, putting in place several measures to ensure that there is transparency.  One of those measures has to do with monitors who will be placed at each polling station to ensure that the proper procedures are complied with.  Josephine Tamai, the Chief Elections Officer told the media that the results will be determined by a simple majority of the entire country.

Josephine Tamai – Chief Elections Officer: “We know that this is a national issue and it is something that is happening in the entire country of Belize so the reason for that is because when it comes to the compilation of the results it’s an overall simple majority in regards to the entire voting population. It is not to say that in a certain division you have so many persons, so many no’s and to say the results in a division is basically yes or no. It is basically the result for the entire country of Belize so that is the reason why the Elections and Boundaries Department will be putting together all the information coming from the returning officers on that day. The law provides for me to give a declaration in regards to how many ballots have been counted: how many for yes and how many for no. In terms of the certificates that I will be preparing, that will be in the information on it but yes we will have information by electoral divisions so with that information again we will be having a media center and I want to invite the media, you all will be able to come to that media center on the night of the 8th, that will be at the Biltmore. Where by as the results are coming in, the information and the results will not be unofficial. The information will be coming in from the returning officers to us, we will be verifying that information and putting up at different intervals.”

The voting will be taking place at three hundred and forty-four polling stations across the country.