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Countdown to Belize Bandfest 2017

On Saturday, the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town will be the venue for the 12th annual Belize Band Fest. Member of the Bandfest Committee, Julia Carillo shared some of the details of the much anticipated event.


“The public can expect a wonderful family event. It is the premier family event of the year. We have ten bands that are competing we have eight in the drum corps category, we have two in the marching band with wind instrument category. Now the two bands participating in the marching band with wind category are Corozal Community College and the Wesley Marching Band. Wesley is a new comer to Band Fest 2017 and to band fest on a whole. They’ve been practicing for a couple months now and they’ve been watching band fest fo a while, this year they decided to give it a try and be a part of it. We have the eight bands that are participating in the drum corps category. We have Holy Redeemer Marching Band, Mahogany Heights Dream Marching Band, Stella Maris Futuristic Marching Band, the Police Youth Cadet Corp Marching Band, we have Central Drum Corp and Orange Walk Uprising Marching Band; the two bands representing Orange Walk. We have a new band as well from the south its called the Southern Sounds Drum Corp and this is an amalgamation of three different groups so its going to be really good to see them. We have the return of the Sarteneja United Drum Corp so in all we have two bands representing Orang Walk, two representing Corozal, we have one representing the south and we have five representing Belize City. Apart from that we have visiting bands we have from Belmopan the Belmopan Active Youth Marching band. Now if you recall they won Bandfest a couple years ago and so they are going to be a display band this year but they definitely want to be in the competition next year. We also have visiting Banda Latina Liseo Santa Cruz and we have Sciencie y Technologia Latin Band from Melchor de Mencos so those are the visiting bands. So it’s going to be a lot of fun as usual band fest tends to bring its own hype, its own excitement and that is not going to be short this year.”

The parade kicks off at nine o’clock on Saturday morning.


“It’s going to assemble at the corner of Sannta Ana Street and Belize Corozal Road, then it will make its way down the Belize Corozal Road and onto Queen Victoria Avenue. At the traffic light the parade will turn left into Cinderella Street, make a short right into Fonseca Street and then turn left onto the Stadium Street, it goes down Stadium Street and ends up at the People’s Stadium for the performance which begins at 1pm.”

Carrillo said the bands will be awarded in a number of categories.


“The grand Marshall will be Mayor Kevin Bernard and of course we cannot forget that Belize Band Fest is being held under the patronage of the Governor General of Belize His Excellency Sir Colville Young who is his dream to get marching band in all the schools countrywide. The prizes we have the marching band with wind instrument category first place gets $6000 the trophy and individual medals, second prize gets $2500, trophy and medals and third prize gets $1000 trophy and medals. In the drum corps category first place gets $4000, second place gets $2000 and third place gets a trophy and individual medals and of course in the three categories which are optional most popular band gets $1000 and a trophy, drum line gets $1000 and trophy and then of course the best choreographed band gets the Total Marketing and Distribution Trophy.”

Tickets are on sale at various outlets.