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Country’s Executive Remains While Legislature, Dissolved

In recent days since the flooding and the activation of NEMO, there have been questions from the public as to the status of Government Ministers and the Prime Minister since the House of Representatives was dissolved the day after the Prime Minister had announced elections for November 4.  It is a point we have addressed numerous times on The Morning Show and one that we are doing again via our newscast with the aim of education our viewers and listeners.  According the Belize Constitution, Section 84 (6) – During the period between the dissolution of the National Assembly and the appointment of a Prime Minister after a General Election, the Government of Belize shall continue to be administered by the Prime Minister and the other ministers and Ministers of State of the Government.  To clarify even further, we spoke to Minister Godwin Hulse.


“The House is the legislative arm of Government.  The Legislature has been dissolved but the Executive has not. The Executive, as you know, is always appointed by the Governor General and is done after an election and the party that wins the majority of seats in the House gets to form the Government and its leader gets to become the Prime Minister. The Governor General has issued a writ to dissolve the National Assembly but the Cabinet remains intact.  Cabinet continues to work and will work until a new Cabinet is in place which is the day of elections and so that is why you still have ministers and Government continues. Everything continues as normal; it’s the House that has been dissolved and so the new election is for a new set of representatives for the country.”

General Elections are slated for November 4, 2015.