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Couple ambushed: husband killed and wife injured

The second murder for the year was recorded last night when Jermain Ryan Vellos and his wife Stephanie Nicole Foreman Vellos were ambushed as they made their way into their house in the Belama Phase Two area in Belize City. Jermain Vellos did not survive the deadly attack and his wife sustained injuries.


“A gentleman who lives abroad came from the shop at around 7:15. He was walking up the steps and looked like he got ambushed by one or two gunmen. They caught him in the middle of the steps and it looked like the person who was shooting him I don’t know if he knows, they called out a name I guess the target who they wanted but when the sister said that it was not the person still started shooting the shots and the dude just fell on the ground and that was it. He was still alive when the police came. He was still breathing like he was in shock so we were telling the police to take the man to the hospital but they didn’t want to take the body. He wasn’t even dead. The sister was on the steps screaming they didn’t want to take the man. We had no ride to take him in so, unfortunately, this is the outcome. The only place they could have gone is down by the water side, but somebody said that they heard someone jump in a car and speed off. I didn’t hear that. He comes in on vacation like that. He came for Christmas to visit the child and the mom. I think he was heading back tomorrow, his sister just left yesterday. Like I said he lives in New York City I don’t think he knows anybody from there.”

The couple’s child was inside the house at the time of the shooting but was unharmed. Stephanie Nicole Foreman Vellos has been released from the hospital. We are told that following the incident, the family remains in fear for their lives.