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Couple injured in traffic accident

Fem Cruz reporting…

“30 year old Pedro Tech along with his wife 27 year old Sara Tech both residents of Arizona area are recovering at home after they were knocked down from behind by a motorcycle last night. Love News visited the family in the Arizona area of Tea Kettle village and spoke to Sarah Tech at her bedside and Elvira Pop who was the first one to arrive at the accident scene.”

Sara Tech – Victim

“Yesterday evening at about 7:30 I was coming home from work we were passing by Benji’s shop. My husband and I finished buying and we came home coming to Arizona and I saw this guy coming with the motorcycle with no lights so I told my husband we should move out of the way and we went beside the road and to wait for him to pass and then after that something hit me and I got to know that I got hit, from there I didn’t know what was going and what happened after that.”

Elvira Pop

“They say they knocked down my sister and we rushed, me and all of my uncles. When I approached I was the first one to see my sister lying down on the ground. She was full of blood, my brother too. He was crying and saying that my sister was dead and when I saw here she actually looked like she was dead. She was cold and her eyes were open and I couldn’t breathe and I touched her heart and then a minute after that she woke up and then she collapsed and after that she couldn’t move again. At the same time a car was approaching so the car stopped and asked us if we needed help so that is how we rushed her to the hospital. I would just to warn the people of Arizona they should be more cautious of where they are going because there are older people, children and young people walking on the road. This hurts my family a lot, they should know that if they don’t have any lights they shouldn’t be going so fast.”