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📣 PATIENT #4: FOURTH COVID-19 CASE CONFIRMED IN THE COUNTRY.                      📣 Dr. Marvin Manzanero has confirmed that the 4th infected person is a 55 year old man of San Ignacio Town.                      📣 This may be the first indication of a community spread.                      📣 The DHS urges everyone to adhere to the regulations under the State of Emergency which will prove essential in mitigating the spread of the virus.                      📣 As of 6pm on Thursday April 2nd there have been 115 people screened, 25 are now under investigation and still only 3 have tested positive..                      📣 Stay Home. Stay Safe…
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Couple killed on Christmas Eve

A young couple was knocked down and killed on Christmas Eve. The unfortunate traffic incident happened on mile 44 of the George Price Highway in the Cayo District at around 11 o’clock that night. 24-year-old Oscar Alvarado and his girlfriend 33-year-old Linda Hernandez were on their way to Belmopan from Cotton Tree village on a motorcycle when a vehicle rammed them from the rear. The driver of that vehicle sped off leaving the young couple with severe head and body injuries. Alvarado died on the way to the hospital while Hernandez died at the hospital while receiving treatment. Love News spoke to Hernandez’s brother, David Hernandez.

David Hernandez, Brother of deceased

“I received a phone call and they told me that my sister had been involved in an accident while they were heading back to Roaring Creek with her boyfriend; that would have been my brother in law. I have already identified the body and there’s no doubt that it’s my sister. I checked out the motorcycle and its destroyed. I spoke to one of the police officers there and apparently it was a Volkswagen that actually hit the bike from the back because I actually found a piece of the Volkswagen right there next to the scene and I would like to ask anybody that if they saw something to please let us know if they could assist us with anything we would highly appreciate it. My cell phone number is 628-0105.”

At the scene, police found a hood ornament of a Volkswagen vehicle. Investigators are asking the public for any information that can assist them in this tragic hit and run incident. You are asked to call the nearest police station or 922TIPS if you have any information.

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