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Couple shot while asleep

A couple was shot while asleep in their home at the 8 Miles community on Sunday. 48-year-old Vilma Robinson is recovering at home but her companion 38-year-old Erick McLarly remains hospitalized in stable condition. The couple was asleep in their home when someone crept up behind the house and fired several shots. At least five bullet holes were visible at one corner of the house. These exited the wall on the other side of the residence. The family would not comment on the incident but police have opened an investigation. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City said that police were alerted of the incident when the couple were being transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino: Police observed Ms. Vilma Robinson 48 year old resident of 8 miles with a gunshot wound to the right leg and Eric Mc Leary a 38 year old resident of the same address with two gunshot wounds: to the right leg, one to the left leg. From what Police have gathered so far both were sleeping at the residence when they were awaken by 6-8 loud gunshots, before they managed to take cover they realized that they had received the injuries. Ms. Robinson had indicated to Police that she has had a previous misunderstanding with a gentleman and Police are seeking this person of interest in regards to this investigation.

Police say they believe the couple was the intended target and continue to looking into the circumstances of the misunderstanding reported by Robinson as a possible motive. We understand that several children reside at the house and were asleep when the shooting happened.