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Couple’s home destroyed by fire

A couple is homeless after fire completely destroyed their home located on Jimmy Dyer Street in Belize City. Delvino Vasquez said he was sound asleep when he was awoken by the smell of smoke.  Love News spoke with Berrisford Matura, Assistant Fire Chief, who said that the fire department was alerted to the fire at approximately 8:15 last night.

Bennisford Matura Assistant Fire Chief: Upon arrival we discovered a ten feet by twelve feet structure totally engulfed in flames. It’s a wooden structure so it was totally engulfed in flames. We got into operation and extinguished that fire. The owner and occupier of the structure was Mr. Slivino Vasquez and he lived with Heidi Reid. The structure did not have any electricity to it and unfortunately their only means of light was to use candles and the stop happened and the candle ending up lighting the place on fire.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “Now both persons were able to escape unhurt?”

Bennisford Matura Assistant Fire Chief: “Yes both of them exited the building upon our arrival.”

The ten by eight wooden structure and its contents were not insured.  The estimated cost of the fire has not yet been ascertained.